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KathaSiyah in partnership with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership presents

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All characters and events depicted in this theatre show are real and true to life, all resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is deliberate.

Content & Trigger Warning

Explicit language and visuals, mention of rape and gender-based violence.

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Please access this experience on a desktop or laptop.

Welcome to The Amazing Flabby Breasted Virgin
and Other Sordid Tales. 


This is a digital theater show and experience, last performed live in February & March 2022. It is a satirical, transfeminist, verbatim theater experience on modern and ancient medical interpretations of the female body. 


It was created in response to an article by Dr Suchitra Dalvie on her experience as a medical student in India, and features interviews (some real, some imagined) with medical students today. 

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