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The Amazing Flabby-Breasted Virgin & Other Sordid Tales is a theatrical performance written and directed by Ayesha Susan Thomas, and produced by KathaSiyah. It is a sensory, interactive theatrical experience—a performative archive that plays with the myths and magical thinking that surround and define the Female Body. The project poses surreal and satirical questions about how the female body is taught, perceived and practised within medical education in the urban Indian context.


The Amazing Flabby-Breasted Virgin is being created for the digital space in the form of a website that merges the passivity of watching performance and storytelling with the activity of making choices.

We really hope you’ll be able to support us. Any amount takes us a long way to cover some of our production costs. We would be happy to also continue our engagement and share updates with you on the use of your contributions. We also welcome any support in kind such as - use of rehearsal space, lending us technical equipment, and guidance towards funding opportunities.

All of our well-wishers will receive regular updates from us!

Other Kinds of Support

For non-monetary support, please write to us at

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